Our Practice
At NRI Clinic for Complementary Medicine, we offer a complementary approach to the practice of "medicine". Practicing from the best of both bio-medical modalities and natural remedies, our practice is comitted to helping you obtain optimal health and wellness while treating you like "family". 

Our practitioners have been practicing in the field of Integrative and Complementary medicine for over 8 years. 

Meet Our Practitioners:

Nichole Ingersoll-Scott, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
(Family Nurse Practitioner)
A graduate of both Indiana University and University of Indianapolis, Nichole has over 10 years of family practice experience, the last 8 yrs focusing on integrative medicine. Utilizing integrative medicine therapies, Nichole has personally transformed her life and the life of her son. 

" The blessing of finding integrative medicine therapy and applying the modality to benefit myself and my family, has made me a very passionate provider and client advocate.  I can truely say that I have walked a mile in most of their shoes, have cried many a tear, and realized it was what had to happen to make me the provider I am today, and most importantly, give me the ability to help others on their own journey to wellness and peace.  I treat every client as if they were family, and would have it no other way." 

Dr. Melanie MacLaren, ND, RYT
(Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Yoga Teacher 500Hr)

With a previous career in engineering, her own healing crisis in 2005 led Dr. MacLaren to seek her doctorate in naturopathy and become a registered yoga teacher so that she could help others. She is a Board Certified Naturoapathic Doctor with ANMCB, a Certified NAET Pracitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She uses natural remedies such as essential oils, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to treat the underlying cause of chronic issues.

"I was dealing with chronic health issues that were getting worse every year. A friend of mine suggested I work with a naturopathic doctor. With his help, I was able to bring my body back into balance. After this experience I felt strongly about helping others struggling with their health."

Visit www.dragonfly360.net to find out more about Dr. MacLaren.